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Winter Trekking

Club Urban Diversion Recommends
Winter Cabin Ski Lease Share

When the snow comes and the bears go into hibernation, the ski resorts open and there is no prettier place to be than Tahoe!  The 3 beautiful ski share cabins are close to the 3 major ski resorts in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe, and Truckee are the perfect place to get out and have a home away from home. Whether you want to have a slow and easy weekend relaxing at home with your cabin share friends  or get your adrenaline seeking weekend warrior on the mountain... the cabins are a great place to find your speed.


What is a Cabin Ski Lease Share

The association has three amazing Tahoe cabins in Tahoe!  #1 Vista Villa on the North Shore (best for North Star skiing), #2 Heavenly Chalet in the South Shore (on the slopes of Heavenly) and #3 Located in the Donner area of Truckee (best for Squaw/Alpine).  As a lease member of this amazing exclusive community of members you get keys to one (but access to all of them) to go up whenever they want, and bring a guest!  You have a guaranteed bed waiting for you always, access to everything from bikes, kayaks, saunas, hot tubs, and other great members organizing spontaneous activities on the mountain, on the lake or in the town... or just relaxing and chilling at the cabin. 


Tired of working from home?  The cabins have high speed internet and work spaces you can hide out in or zoom from in each cabin


The best part about Tahoe ski Cabins?  The amazing community!  There is nothing like a great community to make Tahoe trips fun and memorable.  Each cabin usally has approximately 15-24 lease members, that are just like you, working, relaxing, bringing their friends up, inviting you to do group dinners, plan fun outings with them, or doing your own hike/bike/SUP/ski/board trips and more.

History of the Ski Lease Share

Many years ago, our members got together and started renting cabins in Tahoe for weekends of ski fun.  Eventually they had a waiting list, and members rented a couple cabins.  They were loosely associated with each other, and loosely associated with Club Urban Diversion.  Eventually we wanted to bring them together to provide a community and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the mountains and area together.  We organize lake cleanups, apres ski events, and summer hikes/bikes/paddles.  We are working on making it so more ski leases can come together.

How To Join

These shared ski leases fill up fast for the Summer and Winter seasons.  Though spots open up even during the season as people must give up their spots and can get their payment refunded if they find a new member.. so don't assume it is impossible to get it and apply for your spot today!

**You do NOT have to be a Club Urban Diversion member to join the cabins**



STEP 3: (this reserves your spot)


STEP 4: 

Get invited to zoom/live mixer
Vista Villa

Vista Villa
(Kings Beach)

Best for North Star.  Close to the beach on the north shore Tahoe, hot tub, and lots of space, just off the lake, and a 7 min drive to Northstar.

Dec 1 - April 30
5+1 months access

5 mo lease


Blackout dates:  Dec 22-Jan 3


Truckee Lodge
(Tahoe Donner)

Best for Pallisades/Alpine and North Star.  The easiest to get to, just off the freeway, large rooms, great location, and plenty of extra amentiies!

Dec 1 2024 - May 30, 2025
6 months access

6 mo Lease


Blackout dates:  none


Heavenly Chalet

Best for Heavenly.  On the Slopes of Heavenly in south Tahoe with amazing lake views, hot tub, sauna, and walk to the lifts!

Dec 1 - April 30
5+1 months access

5 mo lease


Blackout dates:  Dec 22-Jan 2


Edge Season

Pick Your Home

Full access March17 - May 30
Weekday ONLY access other dates

Dec 1 2024 - May 30, 2025
6 months access

3+3 mo Lease


Blackout dates:  none

HOME CABIN:  This cabin is part of an association of cabins.  Urban Diversion does not rent the cabins or own any of the cabins.  As a leaser of one of the cabins join in the association, not only do you have access to your cabin during the whole season, It but it usually also includes max 2 days/mo visiting one of the other associated cabins in the share community.

What to Expect

Lease members think of the cabins as your own seasonal second home in Tahoe, a place you can go to any time you want.  Bring a friend, enjoy a relaxing weekend, meet some other people, go out on the town, whatever you like!


Most of us are young at heart, (ages upper 20s, 30s and 40s) but not party animals and you can expect to get a good nights rest before getting outdoorsy. That being said, cabin members hit the hot tub after getting back to the house and often make group dinners or go out to see bands and other entertainment in Tahoe. South Shore is located in Nevada and is on the Tahoe Blue shuttle line and can get your into/out of town quickly.


Because you want all of our community members to feel comfortable with each other, all of the cabin members have to be approved by the other cabin members before they can join the ski cabin.


  • Q: What is the waitlist?

  • A: Traditionally our cabins fill up early!  But it does not mean you don't get a spot in the cabin share, just fill out the questionnaire to add yourself to the wait list, it often has spots open up even after the lease is full.

  • Q: What are the cabin members like and what ages?
    A: Busy working professionals that have to work some days, try to get to Tahoe whenever possible, enjoy skiing/boarding with others but are all different skill levels, some first time on the mountain, some really amazing.  "We enjoy the social aspect laughing, going out, chilling watching TV together. And yeah, working on the laptops when we must.  We are all across the board... 23-48.   Not a College party house, but not a couples sleepy house."

  • Q: Do I have to join a Zoom/Interview?
    A: No, but only if you are referred by an existing member

  • Q: Can I join a zoom before I pay the utilities & security deposit.

  • Q: How do I find out about the next zoom?
    A:  If you have filled out the application you will get notification when they are ready, even if you have not paid utilities & security deposit.

  • Q: How much is Utilities & Security Deposit and is it refunded?
    A: $250 is always refunded if you do not become a lease share member.  For lease share holders, it is used to cover Utilities and Damages, the remaining balance is refunded at the end of the season.  This is a on top of the lease rent amount you pay at the start of the season which is non-refundable..

  • Q: Can I bring Guests?
    Yes, 1 can always be brought, more depends on house capacity. see the rules below

  • Q: Is this a ski share for Kids/Dogs?
    A: Kids & dogs are NOT for this cabin lease unless you have a pre-approval before start.

  • Q: Do I have to use Venmo?
    No, you can also use paypal or zell or cash or such just ask

  • Q: What are "black out dates"?
    A: As with most cabins leases holidays are blacked from the lease out to save on lease costs the crazy expensive weeks before NYE/XMAS to winter share, but TRUCKEE LEESES HAVE NO BLACK OUT DATES that means  NYE/XMAS.  just adding ONE weekend rental of a house like this usually costs $4000!! 

  • Q: Can I back out or sell my spot if I'm not using it?
    A: yes(ish).  Once you are accepted and a fully paid lease member, you  have up until 30 days of start of lease (a lease must have 30 days remaining to avoid Short Term Rental laws) where you can find a person to take your spot, you handle the finding a replacement, but they must apply be approved. but you lose your Utilities & Security deposit

  • Q: Do I have access to all cabins?
    A: Only if it states so on the option you applied for you sign up,  usually yes in the winter, but not in the summer.  But you may only stay 2 days per month
    .  You can upgrade your pass to allow more than this.

  • Do I have to be an Urban Diversion member to join the shares?

  • A: NO.  only about half of the cabin share members are also Club Urban Diversion members, she ski share is run by club members who manage the lease at each house and not run by Club Urban Diversion..


Some General Rules

  • RSVP - You MUST put yourself (and guests) on the calendar for the days you will be there before you arrive.  This is the strictest rule
    • No-Show - You can remove yourself up until midnight of the day you arrive, but if you No-show that sucks because it looks like the house is more full than it really is, so you will have to make a donation to the cabin beer and snacks fund.

    • Liability Waiver:  You and all guests are required to agree to the liability waivers and any updates prior to setting foot on the cabins.

  • Max Days:  you may not live forever at the cabin, you must provide current active lease outside of the Tahoe area

    • Max at non-home cabin visits:  as your association sets it

    • Long-stay Cleaning - If you are staying longer than 3 consecutive nights you are responsible for cleaning not only the room you were in but also fully cleaning the kitchen/bathroom/living room on your level)  

  • Guests:  Guests must be pre-registered and confirmed by the hosting member on exactly the day they are arriving in Tahoe.  Cabin members don't want the burden of constantly watching over other members, so police yourself.

    • Guest Max:  1 guest, but more can be requested no problem but must be approved and spots must remain open for those dates.. aka members have priority.

  • Cleanliness:  You are expected to clean up after yourself, wash your sheets, fold them and put them away after use.  Cleaners will periodically do a professional clean.

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