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Club Urban Diversion also offers
Tahoe cabin share memberships!


In addition to the Club Urban Diversion, we have partnered to provide our members with an independent Tahoe Club that is a cabin lease share with 15 - 20 other people for an entire season.  Think of it as your home away from home where you can stay any time during the season to enjoy the great outdoors, relax and refresh, work from from one of the desks in the house or take a meeting from a Zoom room, or just enjoy skiing/movies/dinners/games/hikes with your other cabin members.

We have partnered with 3 amazing cabins in Tahoe, each run independently but working together!  In the North Shore and also in the South Shore, these beautiful homes are in prime locations for enjoying sport and sun all year long.


The best part about being in a Tahoe cabin share?  You get a second home in Tahoe to go up to whenever you want and are part of an amazing community!  Ski lease shares are a common thing in Tahoe, but with us helping drive we have built and amazing community and also both winter and summer, the members are all screened, and selected so you need to apply to join.


There is nothing like a great community to make enjoying Tahoe fun and memorable. And renting a place every time you go up has gotten hard to find and super expensive!  It is a great way to meet other cabin members your age and your adventure interests.  Members join the message board, organize carpools and outings on the lake or mountain.  This beloved lease share offers tons of options similar to having your own lease...but without all the hassle!

Tahoe Summer Share Open Registration (1).png

How It Works

You can get any-time access to a North Tahoe cabin, a South Tahoe cabin, and a Truckee cabin, but you choose one of the cabin leases to be your "home" cabin. Each cabin has a combination of private suites, lofts, and rooms with bunk beds, internet, work stations, zoom rooms, TV, electricity, gas, snow removal, sunny decks, hot tub maintenance, and more!  All cabin members are screened and approved by other cabin members.


More importantly, it is worry free, and you can bring a friend! Oh yes, did we mention there are hot tubs, bikes, paddle boards, skis, kayaks, and !?  Your cabins are keyless entry, come anytime and organized through a cool online calendar software.


**You do NOT have to be an Urban Diversion member to join the cabin share**

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