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Club Urban Diversion Trips & Travel


While we love adventuring in the Bay Area... the world is a BIG place and we cant seem to curb our wanderlust.  


Look at these photos, they are all our members who met while traveling!  Club Urban Diversion trips are not your standard "tour guide", follow the flag, touristy experiences- we focus on you having a authentic experience with a great group of people for a vacation beyond your wildest imagination. Our pre-trip planning dinners & social hours give you the chance to give trip input, meet other travelers and learn more about the destination.  Taking a trip with Club Urban Diversion is like taking a trip with friends


Our trip & travel hosts are experienced world travelers themselves (88 countries to date!) and spend hundreds of hours putting together amazing itineraries and understand the local customs, cultures, languages and areas to make sure you have the most stress-free & adventure filled trip possible.  Check out our roster of upcoming trips below or browse through the gallery to see some of the highlights our past trips.


Why don't you come Bon Voyage with us!



Upcoming Trips

Past Trips

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