Whether you are joining Urban Diversion to meet new friends, get more active, try new things or have the adventure of your lifetime- we make it easy & simple for you. Getting started takes less than 3 minutes and costs less than your weekly espresso!
We are a private membership club so our events are ONLY open to our members.... but don't worry... becoming a member is super easy.  We have 3 levels of memberships for you to choose from: 

When was the last time you jumped into something exciting?


*You can also pop-out this embedded secure join frame

A: Yep! We invite you to try the club in any way you are comfortable.  Because we are a community, and not a company or a web site selling tickets, we welcome you to fill out the membership application, once we screen your application we invite you to join, we will send you a login/password so you can check out our daily changing calendar of 60+ events worry free- there is no contract -  plus within 3 days of joining you can get a full refund, prior to attending any event!
Q:  What are the types of events?
A: We have 4 different categories of events- you can see below a sampling of those events & the categories.  
Q:  Where is my login email?
A: Please check your "all mail" or spam folder - if you have not received your login email within 24 hours, please call or email us.  member_relations@UrbanDiversion.com
Q:  How can I register?
A: Once you have your login you can register to all the event you want!!!  But Note: Club policy says if you are standard/premium receiving an event discounted or free and you cancel or don't show, you will get charged the full rate after the event because you took a spot from someone else.  Also, events have reg deadlines that increase a few dollars if you register last minute, so sign up early, it helps us customize the events to those members interested. And we get all the amazing event ideas from you our members!
You made it this far so chances are good that you are crazy enough to join and you will fit right in... but we do actively screen new members at events to make sure they are a fit!


1329 Columbus Ave #B

San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel: 415.776.7455


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